Host a Legislative Breakfast at Your School

A legislative breakfast is an effective event that serves many purposes. It allows you to invite multiple legislators and city officials to meet your students, teachers, and parents. 

By having an event that draws the community in, legislators are more likely to show up because it allows them to meet their constituents and potential voters.

It allows your staff, parents and students the chance to meet their legislators in a comfortable relaxing environment. There is not too small of a school to change a legislators’ mind.

By allowing legislators into your school, you have the opportunity to increase enrollment and provide a quality education to more students.

This is your chance to show the great work of not only your school, but your students, families and ultimately the community.

Step-by-Step guide:

​1. Select a date outside of session when legislators have more free time. Legislative session is January-May.

2. Make a list of elected officials to invite based on where your staff and students reside and your school address. Consider having your students help! You can look up your state elected officials at

3. Consider partnering with other local private schools to partner on the event.

4. Send formal invitations either via mail or email. These should be sent out no later than a month before the event. The earlier you invite them, the more likely they’ll be able to add you to their calendar.

5. Be sure to follow-up via email or phone if possible if you don’t get a response.

6. Send a press release about your event. 

7. Plan your itinerary. Consider the following:

    a. Start and end time

    b. Menu

    c. Seating arrangement

    d. Welcoming speech

    e. Program

8. Your program can include any of the following:

    a. Student performances such as band, choir, dance or student speeches about why they love their school. 

    b. Legislators on a school choice panel with questions from the audience.

    c. Meet and greet time for elected officials and parents/staff to engage.

    d. Award to students for outstanding performance.

    e. Award for volunteer parents

    f. Award as a thank you to an elected official if they are a champion of school choice.

9. Your welcoming speech should include all that apply from the following:


    a. Make sure your elected leaders know how important your school is to your community.

    b. How many/what percentage of your students receive financial assistance?

    c. Share student success such as college acceptance, dual credits for college, special projects, extracurricular activities, athletics, community service.

    d. Share diversity/demographics (race, income, religious or non-religious, etc.). 

    e. Private schools save public schools money, highlight your tuition.

    f. Share you special education services.

    g. Accountability, share the ways you measure student success, standardized testing, accrediting body etc.

    h. Acceptance rate, how are students selected to attend your school?

    i. What makes your school unique? 


10. Organize volunteers to help with preparing and serving the food and set up and clean up. Be sure to overbook volunteers. For example, if you need 10 volunteers, don’t stop recruiting until you have 15. 


11. Stick to your itinerary! Set everything up the night before to allow for less work and stress the morning of.


12. After the event, send them a thank you card. This can also be done by email but a handwritten letter speaks volumes. Also be sure to thank your volunteers for their hard work and making this a successful event.

Get help through the MORE Network


We understand that resources are tight for everyone. MORE can help you with your project by providing advice and guidance as well as tangible support with:

  • Paper products, eating utensils, serving utensils.

  • Tablecloths and centerpieces.

  • Notepads and pens for the tables.

  • Materials to make welcome signs.

  • Materials to make thank you cards.

  • Assisting with formally inviting legislators to your school.

  • We would be happy to be your personal planner for the event.

  • Sample press release.

  • Sample invitation letters.

Please let us know how we can help

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