Invite a Legislator to Visit Your School

By inviting legislators into your school, you can help build a new and better understanding of the important role non-public schools play in Missouri education. This is your chance to show the great work of not only your school, but your students, families and ultimately the community.

A legislator visit to your school is a great chance for your school to show off its strengths. Emphasize the students, educators, and programs that make your school great. Celebrate the diversity of your school family and the innovation of your teaching. 

One sure-fire way to ensure that a legislator accepts your invitation is to ask them to be a “celebrity reader” for a classroom.

Step-by-Step guide:

  1. Make a list of elected officials to invite based on where your staff and students reside and your school address. You can look up your state elected officials at Consider having your students help!

  2. Each invitee should receive a personal invitation, do not send a group email to several legislators. Your invitation should be warm and professional no matter where a legislator stands on the issue of parental choice. Use our sample email to inspire your email to formally invite them to your school. 

  3. If you don’t hear back within a week, resend the email with a message about following up.

  4. If you still don’t hear anything, you can call their Legislative assistant to follow-up.

  5. Create an itinerary for the visit and stick to it. Make sure that you are clear on how long your guest(s) can visit.

  6. Plot a tour path. Which classes will you visit? What student work do you want to highlight? What are some challenges your school faces? What are some unique things your school offers that others do not or that those unfamiliar with nonpublic schools might not expect?

  7. Select volunteer students for greeters and tour guides.

  8. Position student greeters at the door and waiting at the time of arrival.

  9. If the visit coincides with lunch time, invite your guests to join you for lunch.

  10. If your legislator is reading to a group of students have them in place and ready.

  11. Thank them for their visit and let them know that they are more than welcome to visit anytime.

  12. Take lots of photos. Offer to text or email the photos to your guests and also post them on social media and tag the legislators.

  13. Send them a thank you card. This can also be done by email but a handwritten letter speaks volumes. If a class was visited, encourage all students to make a thank you card or ask all students to sign a group card.

Key talking points to keep in mind
  • Make sure your elected leaders know how important your school is to your community.

  • How many/what percentage of your students receive financial assistance?

  • Student success such as college acceptance, dual credits for college, special projects, extracurricular activities, athletics, community service.

  • Share diversity/demographics (race, income, religious or non-religious, etc.). 

  • Private schools save public schools money, highlight your tuition.

  • Your special education services.

  • Accountability, share the ways you measure student success, standardized testing, accrediting body etc.

  • Acceptance rate, how are students selected to attend your school?

  • What makes your school unique? 

Get help through the MORE Network

We understand that resources are tight for everyone. MORE can help you with your project by providing advice and guidance as well as tangible support with:

  • Assisting with formally inviting legislators to your school.

  • Drafting an invitation letter

  • Calling legislators’ offices to follow-up and confirm visit

  • Materials to create welcome signs

  • Materials to make thank you cards.

  • Sample invitation letters

  • Sample press release

Please let us know how we can help

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