Invite the MORE Network to Visit Your School

Allowing MORE representatives to attend an event that your school/group is hosting, removes all of the legwork for you when recruiting parent advocates for the school choice movement while helping you to find strong parent leaders for your school. 

Parents are a vital part of the movement in that they bring a face to the policy and remind legislators that this is about families and not just dollars signs.


It’s important for parents to attend field trips to the capitol as well as testify at bill hearings. MORE provides advocacy training for families to prepare for days at the capitol.


We’ll do the parent engagement, provide the training and take them to the capitol if you can provide us the opportunity to meet your parents.

Step-by-Step guide:

1. Invite MORE to an event that you’re already hosting such as:

     a. PTA meeting


     b. Parent-Teacher conference


     c. School carnival


     d. Student performances


     e. Holiday celebrations


     f. Back-to-school events


     g. Orientation


     h. Community resource fairs


     i. Parent drop off and pick up times


2. Discuss MORE participation in the event. This includes:


     a. If/how long we’ll have to address the audience.


     b. If we can have a booth.


     c. If we need to bring our own table and chairs.


     d. Times that we’ll be allowed to engage parents one-on-one.

Get help through the MORE Network

We understand that resources are tight for everyone. MORE can help you with your project by providing advice and guidance as well as tangible support with:


  • Snacks for the event.

  • Printed material on the private school movement.

Please let us know how we can help

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