About Us

The MORE Network is a network of organizations, schools, and individual advocates working together for the creation of private school choice policies in Missouri. MORE Network members advocate for educational policies that ensure Missouri children have access to education options that truly meet their learning needs.

The MORE Network VISION: Missouri is the nation's education leader by providing all families the opportunity to access the best-fit education for their children.

How do you become a member of the MORE Network?

Organizations, schools, and individuals in Missouri that support private school choice are invited to join MORE. Membership in the network is open to anyone willing to engage in an organized, thoughtful, team effort to change education policy in Missouri. CLICK HERE to fill out your MORE Network member registration

How MORE members participate in MORE and support school choice advocacy:

  • Join MORE Network phone or Zoom calls regularly.

  • Develop their own advocacy capacity by:

    • Attending advocacy trainings

    • Telling their personal story

    • Share what they learn with others

  • Share network messages and calls to action with their network via email, newsletters, blogs, etc.

  • Recruit others to join the network or school community

  • Attend MORE public events 

  • Connect with elected officials through in-district meetings, capitol visits, phone calls, email, etc.

  • Actively speak out and testify at the capitol, in the media, and elsewhere

  • Participate in training for advanced advocacy skills

When does the MORE Network meet?

The MORE Network conducts a monthly call on the second Wednesday of each month. Other member learning opportunities, special action calls, and networking opportunities are scheduled as appropriate.

What are the MORE Network’s key operational values?

  • Transparency 

  • Information to all members in a timely fashion 

  • “Do no harm” – if other MORE members support something that a particular organization cannot support, that organization will step out – physically remove themselves so as not to inadvertently send a message with their silent presence 

  • Respect for each individual organization’s ability to take on education policies that are data-driven but may not be a fit for all 

How is the MORE Network governed?

The operation of the MORE Network is administered and led by the staff of the Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri (CEAM) with guidance and input from MORE’s steering committee, which is composed of the Network’s founding and most active members.