Why should you become a better advocate?

Telling your story can make a real difference.  Creating lasting change is not something that will happen in one weekend or even in one month. Real, lasting improvements come from policy changes, whether through court victories or the passage of new legislation and achieving those victories requires year-round efforts to learn about, and engage in, sustained advocacy efforts.

Learn effective strategies for advocating for more private school choice! 

The MORE Network offers single-day and multi-part training sessions focused on helping you develop the tools you need to communicate the need for more school choice in Missouri with lawmakers, media, and community leaders. 


We offer training on:


  • Public Speaking

  • 30-second elevator speech

  • Written testimony



  • Guide to the Capitol

  • How to talk to legislators

  • How to influence policy


Media Training

  • How to engage print media

  • Prepare for TV Interview

  • How to get you message heard

Social Media

  • Leverage the power of Facebook

  • Learn how to use Twitter

  • Get a digital toolbox